“How do you want to live and work?”
Humboldt Park Studio Home

“I need a black box studio to make my art and a place to call home.”

Humboldt Park Live/Work Art studio for Artist Gregory Scott builds 2/3 scale sets of museum interiors in his studio for his plugin art pieces. “I need as large a space as possible for my pieces and I also need a place to relax and entertain.” So we went to work... 

We found an empty double lot on Kedzie Avenue: 50 by 153 feet. We advised our client on how to purchase it and moved forward with our friend in Scotland Graeme Ogg on the schematic design. This design has a black box space on the ground floor for his wonderfully playful sets and a lawn, living space and front yard above on the rooftop. It’s a piano nobile scheme for the 21st Century.