The Brillance and Simplicity of Ikea Engineering

Want to rotate your art pieces in your living room? Need a system that will not put holes in your walls? One solution is a picture rail. What are the ready made options? We looked and discovered one that was really good and a mere $15 for a meter of length.

Like all Ikea products this one has a name that only can be described as a Viking town pronounced by a Muppet. “Mosslanda” is C shaped and comes in two lengths. Check it out.

We love working with Light

Light is something that makes all life and, thus, architecture possible. We love exploring lighting systems for clients who share this passion. 

The first and second examples is from our LightBox which is where recessed lighting is used to make the space feel larger and more welcoming. Yes, the space is about 12 feet wide but feels spacious because of the lighting and the detailing. The third is the clerestory light at the Highland Park midcentury addition. The fourth is a small art studio space in progress in Evanston with a double sawtooth roof and skylights. The skylights are operable and also ventilate the space. Last, is the lighted cube for a cafe in Logan Square that was the result of our branding campaign for him. The vinyl is printed to exactly match the color profiles. The interior light makes it pop against the dark background. The steel is detailed so that support is unseen and the cube appears to float.  #light #architecture #architecturalLighting #architecturalDetailing