“Dr. Neutra, how does DHS want to work together under one roof?”
DHS Headquarters in Richmond, California

“We want to centralize all of our statewide offices and labs, including one lab where we keep the Ebola Virus!”

Working with Dr. Neutra was a real pleasure. As the youngest son of the world famous architect, he guided our small team at Studios Architecture in San Francisco. We had the incredible opportunity to design for and engage him and his team at DHS. Everyone had a hand in designing the building including the stairs, the “two sliding bar” typlogy and the louvers on the southern, sun-facing side.

Our involvement began with the pre-design discussion and developed into programming with diagrams and pink foam massing models and then schematic and design development and then into construction documents. We made the 6 foot long model and it was a great thrill to see it realized at actual scale.

LEED Silver

Published: Architectural Record