The stunning beauty of an Adolf Loos interior

Adolf Loos is best known for his maxim “Ornament is a crime.” What does that mean? Answers are to be found in the rich, luxurious but understated beauty expressed in his interiors projects. This dining room in Pilsen is stunning. Loos employs the natural horizontal grain of stone and the unadorned varnished wood slabs to delight the diner and animate the room. This was in place of the standard contemporary plaster ornament and heavy trim pieces. Loos still loves whimsy and specifies swan-shaped candle holders to the left and right of the mirror. The mirror is inset between the lush, but uncarved, marble pillars–being above the diner’s eye level– expands the space horizontally. The reflected light adds a seductive bling to the room making it warm and opulent. The golden “egg baskets” pendants sheen (I looked it up and I can use “sheen” as a verb–my inner diction nerd is very excited!) and add to the spectacle. Loos is fabulous fun! #adolfloos #ornnamentisacrime #architecture #decoration #materiality #architecturaleffects