“How to tell your brand’s story?”
A  Levitating Beacon in Logan Square

“I need to refresh and rebrand a cafe for under $20,000.”

We love helping clients focus on their strengths and express them clearly. What is the “Why?” behind what you do? What makes your brand unique and special? Sometimes it is easier for an outsider to see the truth about what a brand is. This coffee roaster was opening its first cafe and using three different logos. “Why?” we asked.

We love working conceptually with ideas. We also love good typography. The window said half-a-dozen things: isn’t it better to say one clearly? Next how to work at different scales? And then, the biggest challenge was having a budget of under $20,000. Yes, $20,000! We went to work...

Jason Picklemanan immensley talented graphic designer with a James Beard award for the menu at the restaurant Avec, created a compelling Sol Lewitt style logo. Why not put your strongest foot forward and use only it? Also, there were three kinds of coffee offered: ambient, mainstream and experiemental and each face of the axonometric had a letter on it. We simplified it and left the letters off. More information about the coffee should happen at a close up scale. I suggested lighting the sign making it a beacon. Then I attached it to the underside of the soffit in a way that made it “levitate” against the dark tinted windows. The major improvement on the inside was to replace a brass colored veener countertop with a stainless one, move the counter away from the front window to create more space for coffee lovers to gather, and  create a logo wallpaper backdrop. $20,000 spent and cafe open! #williamhuchting #jasonpickleman