4 Tips for Successful Project

The 4 things that make for a successful project:

1) Clear Expectations
2) Alignment
3) Communication
4) A clear contract spelling it all out

1) Clear Expectations
We architects have as much education and training as medical doctors. Yes, that’s true! We know the difference between occupancy for zoning and occupancy for buildings and all kinds of productive info. So expect to learn a great deal and be a partner in a process rather than a consumer of a product. There’s a goal and outcome but it is the result of an iterative process that takes time, patience and dedication.

2) Alignment

We do a three different kinds of projects:

1 – Design, this is our bread and butter. It’s usually begun with a schematic design phase, thena  bid/permit phase/set of drawings and then, if needed, an interiors/construction set. It takes time, love and hard work to create something beautiful. Master planning is another design choice with the bid permit set to follow.

2 – Technical, like designing and detaling a steel beam with calculations. This is something we love to do and more architects are terrified of it. Yes, we love math and physics as much as colors and materials. More for us!!!

3 – Permit with or without zoning work. Here we dive it and create the docs needed for a permit. It doesn’t involce design work. Sometimes it requires zoning hearings and a zoning attorney. The City of Chicago requires two or three times the work effort when filing a Self-cert permit. 

There are no shortcuts or jumping ahead. Sometimes we hear “Just get me a drawing” and while we want to laugh, we kindly explain what the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) requires and work beackwards from there. We like knowing and understanding as much as possible before going into any project.

3) Communication

We prefer phone calls and email. No texting. We prefer to overexplain and listen. Listening is important for the success of a project.

4) Clear contract spelling it all out

We have a contract that may seem long but it spells it all out. Your contractor is required to abide by its conditions so you get the space/product/home and/or building you deserve.

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