“Why do people draw by hand in the digital age?”
2d3d at Woodbury University

“Recognition of the drawing’s power as a medium turns out, unexpectedy, to be recognition of the drawing’s distinctness from and unlikeness to the thing that is represented, rather than its likeness to it, which is neither paradoxical nor as dissociative as it may seem.”

Robin Evans (1944-1993)

make Architecture was selected by a blind jury to exhibit drawings at WoodburyUniversity in Los Angeles. From the brief:

“Drawing has become a major and arguably parallel mode of expression for many of today’s progressive architects. Presented at WUHO in Los Angeles—the epicenter of innovative drawing technologies from aerospace to automotive to animation—the exhibition 2D3D2 will examine the status of architectural drawing in the post-digital age.”

A big thanks to the incredibly talented Graeme Ogg and Woodbury University.