Per the US Census 8.4% of Chicago's 1.194 million homes are unoccupied

We have a housing crisis in Chicago. We have unhoused people–not homeless because it is temporary condition rather a defining trait–and they exist across the socioeconomic spectrum. It affects poor people and working people, migrants and long time residents. We think there is an opportunity here. How can we renovate and bring zombie properties back to life?

There are statistics are here at the Chicago Metropolitan Planning Authority

How many unhoused people could be housed if a non-profit like Habitat for Humanity could take this on?

The Cook County Land Bank is one. Cook County Land Bank   

The County Land Bank is selling off homes and trying to get them into the hands of rehabbers and homeowners and neighbors who are trying to answer the question:

“How do we work together to make a better Chicago?”

Photo of Amanda Williams’s project.

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